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Financial reporting

On 1 March 2022, we held a webinar for Project Promoters of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme on financial reporting. The recording is now available to watch.

The presentation was given by Dorota Głażewska-Ziemilska – financial manager of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme, working at the Jerzy Regulski Foundation in Support of Local Democracy.

The webinar was hosted by Bogna Mrozowska – project coordinator at the Information Society Development Foundation, member of the communication team of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme.

Watch the recording. Duration: 01:07:02.

Recording in Polish with translation into the Polish Sign Language.

00:00-02:53: Introduction
02:54-14:53: Part 1: Financial management – the Programme’s requirements
14:54-18:23: Part 2: Budgetary modifications
18:24-46:33: Part 3: Grant settlement
46:34-01:03:36: Financial report template

Download here:

Presentation: Financial reporting
A budget planning tool
Indirect costs a working table
Financial report template (updated on 9 June, 2022 r.)