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Who implements the Programme?

Members of the Executive Board of the Programme are:

Cezary Trutkowski
President of Jerzy Regulski Foundation in Support of Local Democracy​
Martyna Bogaczyk
President of Education for Democracy Foundation​
Jacek Królikowski
President of Information Society Development Foundation​​

The Programme is implemented by organisations with years of experience in strengthening civil society:

Jerzy Regulski Foundation in Support of Local Democracy

Logo Fundacji Rozwoju Demokracji Lokalnej

Jerzy Regulski Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (FSLD) – founded in 1989, offers training and consultancy support, moderates the activity of over 80 specialized local authorities forums, and analyses the main issues related to local governance. By supporting the development of local authorities it builds social capital at local level in Poland and countries of the former Eastern bloc

The FSLD's role in the Programme

FSLD as the Consortium Leader is responsible for the overall Programme management, while its 8 regional centres and its team of 14 consultants provide assistance and support to applicants and project promoters under the calls for proposals

Meet the FSLD team of Active Citizens Fund – Regional:

Katarzyna Zakroczymska
The Programme Director
Maryna Czaplińska
Projects Implementation Manager
Tomasz Kaliński
Finance Manager
Beata Podgórska
Regional consultant (province: podlaskie)
Monika Ochman
Regional consultant (provinces: dolnośląskie, opolskie, śląskie)
Anna Jakubowska
Regional consultant (provinces: opolskie, śląskie)
Iwona Szablewska
Regional consultant (provinces: lubuskie, wielkopolskie)
Karolina Mucuś
Regional consultant (provinces: pomorskie, warmińsko-mazurskie Region 2)
Katarzyna Doherty
Regional consultant (provinces: łódzkie, mazowieckie)
Martyna Okuszko
Regional consultant (provinces: kujawsko-pomorskie, zachodniopomorskie)
Anna Szumkowska
Regional consultant (provinces: lubuskie, wielkopolskie)
Lidia Kaczmarek
Regional consultant (provinces: lubuskie, wielkopolskie)
Andrzej Banach
Regional consultant (provinces: pomorskie, warmińsko-mazurskie Region 2)
Ewelina Dańko
Regional consultant (provinces: małopolskie, świętokrzyskie)
Adrianna Soroczyńska
Regional consultant (provinces: kujawsko-pomorskie, zachodniopomorskie)
Monika Wędrychowicz
Regional consultant (provinces: lubelskie, podkarpackie)

Education for Democracy Foundation

Logo Fundacji Edukacja dla Demokracji

Education for Democracy Foundation (EDF) – founded in 1989, its mission is to create and support pro-democratic and pro-civic changes in societies in Poland and post-Soviet countries, especially where access to education and job opportunities as well as the possibility to decide one’s fate is limited. EDF encourages people to take responsibility for their local communities and be open to other cultures and societies

The EDF's role in the Programme

The EDF team oversees the development of online application and reporting system and takes care of bilateral cooperation (with Donor States) and regional cooperation (with other Beneficiary States of Active Citizens Fund as well as non-EEA countries neighbouring Poland).

Meet the EDF team of Active Citizens Fund – Regional:

Ewa Sobiesak
Procedures and call for proposals
Ewa Stokłuska
Bilateral and Regional Cooperation Manager
Ewelina Kempista
Procedures and call for proposals

Information Society Development Foundation

Logo Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Informacyjnego

Information Society Development Foundation (ISDF) – founded in 2008, fosters the development of local communities by providing training and consultancy support for CSOs and other locally based institutions (libraries and schools)

The ISDF's role in the Programme

The ISDF team takes care of the Programme communication and promotion activities to make them user-friendly and effective. They also prepare and conduct educational activities for members of the civil society sector

Meet the ISDF team of Active Citizens Fund – Regional:

Adriana Skutyńska
Education Specialist
Bogna Mrozowska
Communication Specialist
Magdalena Krasowska-Igras
Organisations Development and Communication Manager
Marta Piechocka
Organisations Development and Communication Manager
Joanna Szymańska
Communication Specialist
Agnieszka Koszowska
Communication Specialist, website editor