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About the Programme

Our objective is to strengthen the sustainability of civil society organisations in Poland and foster civil society with diversity, equal treatment and dialogue at its core

Our support will be primarily directed at smaller organisations, engaging in local activities outside major urban centres.

Human rights protection

Activities in this area should be aimed at:

  • raising the awareness about human rights and equal treatment,
  • preventing and countering human rights violations and all forms of discrimination,
  • providing support to persons whose rights are violated or who experience discrimination.

Promoting social diversity and preventing exclusion

Activities in this area should be aimed at:

  • raising the awareness about the needs of members of minority and vulnerable groups,
  • raising the awareness about social inequalities,
  • increased social inclusion,
  • empowering persons from minority and vulnerable groups.

Building democratic culture and civic engagement at local level

Activities in this area should be aimed at:

  • showing the contribution of civil society organisations to the development of local communities and democratic culture,
  • strengthening civil society,
  • increasing the role of civic education,
  • strengthening cooperation and partnerships at local level,
  • developing critical thinking skills,
  • strengthening watchdog organisations,
  • raising the awareness about climate change.

Supporting the development of civic sector

Applicants preparing project proposals in areas 1-3 can apply for additional funding to build the capacity of their organisation. These activities should be aimed at:

  • building the capacity of organisations to increase their ability to respond to social needs,
  • developing the expertise and skills of employees in third sector, e.g. in such areas as strategic planning, cooperation, networking, management and leadership,
  • enhancing the role and visibility of CSOs,
  • ensuring the sustainability of CSOs’ activities through the sustainability of their funding,
  • improving working conditions in CSOs.

The official launch of the Programme is planned for February 2021 and the first call for proposals will be announced on March 17th, 2021. During the entire four-year Programme we intend to finance app. 400 projects, train hundreds of civil society activists and provide support in initiating international cooperation.

The Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme is implemented by a consortium of 3 organisations: Jerzy Regulski Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (leader), Education for Democracy Foundation and Information Society Development Foundation. Its budget is 26 million euros.

Active Citizens Fund – Regional is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants.