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We strengthen civil society organisations in Poland.
We foster civil society with diversity, equal treatment and dialogue at its core.

Act with us in these areas

Organisations can apply for funding in one of the following 4 areas:

Human rights protection

Promoting social diversity and preventing exclusion

Building democratic culture and civic engagement at local level

Supporting the development of civic sector

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Important dates

Below you will find chosen dates of important future events in the ACF-Regional Program:


Active Citizens Hackathons are coming back

In the approaching spring, the Active Citizens Hackathons will be held again. In April and May 2024, we will invite you again to take part in the events where the service design method is used to find solutions to specific challenges in your local communities.

We are here to help

Use the map to find the contact information of your regional consultant. If you have general questions about the Programme, any consultant will help.