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Updated results of the Call 1 (12/20/2021)

Updated results of the Call 1 (12/20/2021)

The Programme Executive Committee decided to award funding to one proposal from the waiting list and to one large grant under Area 2. Updated results of the call can be found here.

The Programme Executive Committee decided to award one additional large grant in Area 2 and finance the proposal no. K1d/0165 submitted by the Lemkos Association in Gorlice (a project from the waiting list in the Lesser Poland Voivodship).

308 proposals for large grants and 356 proposals for small grants met eligibility criteria and were sent for content-related evaluation. Taking into account the last decision of the Executive Committee, we have awarded grants for the implementation of 175 projects: 99 large ones and 76 small ones. However, three project contracts have not been concluded. Therefore, there are currently 172 projects on the list of proposals after content-related evaluation: 98 large ones and 74 small ones. 7 large grants and 7 small ones are on the waiting list.

The projects from the waiting lists can be awarded funding if a grant contract is not signed for one of the approved projects from the main list. The projects from the waiting lists will be chosen within the given area of support. To determine the order of awarding funding to the waiting list, the following will be taken into consideration: first, the amount of funding made available by a contract not being signed within a given area of support (to see if it is possible to fund an entire project), then, the score received by the proposal, and finally, the use of funds under regional allocations. Decisions regarding the implementation of projects from the waiting list will be made until the end of 2021.


The total amount of funding awarded for project activities is 9 779 563.18 EUR. This includes 2 724 433.89 EUR awarded for projects under Area 1: Human rights protection, 2 973 171.45 EUR for projects under Area 2: Promoting social diversity and preventing exclusion and 4 101 957.84 EUR under Area 3: Building democratic culture and civic engagement at local level.

Additionally, 1 040 695,75 EUR was awarded for the implementation of capacity-building plans (Area 4: Supporting the development of civic sector), and a further 605 139.87 EUR was set aside for grantees whose capacity-building plans require modifications.

The decision on awarding the grants is based on expert evaluations (score) as well as the amounts allocated for grants under thematic and geographical areas. The scores and evaluation sheets can be found in the Electronic Grant Application and Management System (EGAMS).

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