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Zero waste

Project Promoter: Stowarzyszenie 4activelife
Proposal: 1st call for intervention projects
Co-financed from the program: 13 253,51 EUR
Zarząd Osiedla nr 3 w Mosinie
Zakład Usług Komunalnych w Mosinie sp. z o.o.
Zarządca Nieruchomości Jerzy Markiewicz
Duration time: 03.04.2023-03.10.2023

In this project, we are increasing the knowledge of residents of the Mosina Municipality in the Greater Poland Province about selective waste collection and recycling. We are targeting the project primarily at tenants renting properties, including refugees. The problem we are responding to is the incorrect segregation of waste, e.g. dumping furniture or tyres next to waste containers. We are implementing the project in cooperation with partners: Public Utility Services in Mosina, Housing Communities, Estate Management No. 3 and a primary school. We are preparing leaflets, door handle hangers and information boards on waste containers with guidance on how to deal with waste, including bulky waste (in Polish and Ukrainian). We conduct workshops for local residents. We are organising an educational trip to a modern mechanical-biological waste processing plant, during which we will show what the recycling process consists of. We are preparing an environmental festival with competitions and games regarding ‘zero waste’ as well as an outdoor exhibition showing the principles of waste management. When it is over, we will distribute bags sewn from recycled banners to the residents of Mosina. The effect of the project will be a significant reduction in the bad behaviour of residents, inappropriate segregation of waste, including bulky waste, as well as an increase in the interest of our partners in the area of recycling. The project will benefit not only its direct beneficiaries, but also passive observers of the actions taken – we want it to become a ‘good practice’.