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Trams and railway for the climate

Project Promoter: Stowarzyszenie Akcja Miasto
Proposal: 2nd thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 102 386,90 EUR
Partners: Towarzystwo Benderowskie
Duration time: 01.09.2022-30.04.2024

In this project, we are carrying out watchdog activities on the functioning of public transport in the City of Wrocław. We believe that good urban transport is necessary for the city to operate efficiently, be smog-free and take care of the climate. We are checking how the local authority is meeting the transport objectives set out in the existing documents. The citizens of Wrocław are demanding improvements to public transport, but the measures implemented so far are insufficient. During the pandemic, the discussion was interrupted, and now the issue of transport is becoming even more urgent due to the influx of people who fled the war in Ukraine. Therefore, as part of the project we are organising debates with experts and a round table with local officials. We provide training sessions for young climate activists in the field of transport. During the workshops, we check whether and to what extent the announcements of the Citizens’ Panel on transport have been implemented. We conduct public consultations in the most transport-excluded settlements. We check what residents think about transport policy in Wrocław. We are developing a knowledge base of announcements and promises, analyses, and reports on the future of Wrocław’s tramways and urban railways. All activities will be very widely reported on the internet. We are implementing the project in partnership with the Bender Society (Towarzystwo Benderowskie) and the Youth Climate Strike.