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The Crisis Intervention Point RESTART

Project Promoter: Fundacja na rzecz dzieci i młodzieży Na krańcu tęczy
Proposal: 1st call for intervention projects
Co-financed from the program: 8 285,72 EUR
Partners: None
Duration time: 16.12.2021-30.06.2022

Within the project the Crisis Intervention Point RESTART will be created in order to provide psychological, legal and pedagogical support for min. 35 people, inhabitants of the village of Milin and other villages in the Mietków Municipality. Our Foundation has been working for families in the Kąty Wrocławskie and Mietków municipalities since 2010. The most difficult situation is in the village of Milin, which is struggling with such problems as: violence, addictions, dysfunctional families, serious developmental and educational problems of children and young people. As part of our activities in Milin, we have created and supported a network of cooperation between local institutions, especially the library and the village community centre, helping families in difficult situations. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the library and the village community centre were closed, and activities run by NGOs were suspended. Emotional and educational problems of children and young people, peer and domestic violence, addictions and dysfunctional phenomena in families increased significantly. This was confirmed not only by our observations and conversations with our charges, but also by the data provided by the Municipal Social Care Centre, and observations of teachers and probation officers looking after families.

In the Crisis Intervention Point RESTART individual consultations will be offered to help solve specific problems. There will be support groups for people of all ages: adults, children, young people. As part of the Toddler Club, we will examine the situation of the youngest inhabitants of the village and conduct regular educational and integration activities for them. We will launch the Tutoring Emergency, i.e. classes with specialists and youth volunteers, which will help to reduce the educational backlog among students aged 7-17. We will also prepare a report on our activities and present it to the village and municipality authorities.