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STRENGTHENED – An innovative program to achieve well-being in the senior age

Project Promoter: Fundacja Via Salutis
Proposal: 2nd thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 114 764,19 EUR
Stowarzyszenie Praktyków Dramy STOP-KLATKA (Poland)
Ós Pressan (Iceland)
Heimsleikhúsið ehf. (Iceland)
Duration time: 01.11.2022-31.03.2024

The project responds to the needs reported by persons working with the elderly. We deal with serious and long-term crisis situations that affect the wellbeing of seniors. These situations have significantly changed the way we work to activate and socially include older people. More than 42 per cent of those surveyed aged 75+ show symptoms of depression due to deterioration in health and social functioning. Our aim is to counteract the marginalisation of older people, build their well-being and develop the competences of those working with seniors. The project is implemented by a partnership: Via Salutis Foundation (leader), STOP KLATKA Association of Drama Practitioners and partners from Iceland: Os Pressan and Reykjavik Ensemble, under the patronage of the Opole School of Banking. Together, we are developing an innovative working method based, among other things, on polyvagal theory, the SCARF model, the idea of resilience and a physical theatre techniques. It will help older people to achieve a sense of security, emotional balance, overcome stress and anxiety and, in turn, build well-being and increase psychosocial efficiency. As part of the pilot, we are testing the programme with groups of seniors, and then we will train those supporting older people and students preparing to work with the elderly. The project will result in the creation of an innovative programme of work with older people, the publication of an ‘Empowerer’ – a toolbox for methodical work and a group of trained educators.