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School participatory budget in Koszalin

Project Promoter: Pracownia Pozarządowa
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 99 880,97 EUR
Partners: Gmina Miasto Koszalin
Duration time: 1.11.2021-31.07.2023

The aim of the project is to engage young people from the city of Koszalin in the affairs of the city and to create space for them to decide about their immediate environment. In their schools they will learn how to be publicly active and will make decisions that will affect the whole school community. The project is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, we observe low civic activity of young people (e.g. involvement in creating projects and voting as part of the civic budget in Koszalin – 25% of the total, volunteer activity – 2% of the total). The second reason is the lack of access to knowledge – there are no classes organized in schools concerning civic activity or self-government. Thirdly, there is little awareness among parents and teachers about the need to engage young people in participatory processes. The project is implemented in three primary schools in Koszalin. The most important activities include: workshops dedicated to different types of civic activity, volunteering and self-governance – by this we would like to show that it is possible and worthwhile to be active; workshops on creating ideas for the school participatory budget – we will give space to decide on the most important issues from the point of view of the students; a summimg up event in each school – through this we will integrate the school community, show the benefits of engaging in school affairs, promote the most active people. The beneficiaries of the activities are primarily the communities of the three schools: students, representatives of parent councils and the teaching staff. The project is implemented in partnership with the Municipality of Koszalin. It provides substantive support for the carried out activities as well as additional tools for communication with the inhabitants, thus influencing the promotion and visibility of the activities carried out.