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River Theme – residents involved in important, local environment matters

Project Promoter: Stowarzyszenie 515
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 27 398,81 EUR
Partners: None
Duration time: 01.11.2021-31.10.2022

The project addresses a current local issue in the Krosno Odrzanskie Municipality: the neglected debate on the Oder River between residents, local authorities and institutions. In 2021, two major investments began in the municipality: the construction of flood barriers and the raising of a historic 115-year-old bridge over the Oder River. Both pose a threat to the environment and the urban landscape (e.g. more than 1,000 trees have already been cut down in connection with the investments). The principles of public participation were also not respected. This is why, in our project we are launching a unique meeting place on the 515 kilometer of the Oder River. Residents are invited to discuss current local issues there, in a friendly atmosphere, at a round table by the river and over a shared meal. We focus on investments and events concerning the Odra River and encourage residents to actively participate in decisions that affect it. Topics for discussion are submitted in advance, using the #tematrzeka form on our website. We conduct 15 debates and develop a summing-up report. Based on the report, we will submit comments and recommendations for local policies in Krosno Odrzańskie. In the project we also deal with environmental education. Together with experts and educators we develop three scenarios of outdoor classes for local schools students under the title #515bluehoursatschool, dedicated to the protection of the river and its ecosystems. We conduct two unconventional social campaigns and create the world’s first river scent. We invite residents and partners, including renowned glass designer Agnieszka Bar, to the process of design.