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On guard of the Noteć Forest

Project Promoter: Fundacja Rozwoju Holistycznego
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Delivery time: test
Co-financed from the program: 98 095,00 EUR
Results: test
Partners: Pszczewska Kuźnia Aktywności Obywatelskiej
Duration time: 1.10.2021-30.09.2023

The Noteć Forest is one of the largest forest complexes in Poland. It is the pearl of the Lubusz and Greater Poland forest areas. It is often called the Fire Forest, because there are many fires in its area. In 2020 alone, there were as many as 400 fires, and almost half of them were caused deliberately or unintentionally by people. In our project we want to contribute to reducing this statistic. We are aware that our actions will not result in the total disappearance of fires, but they can greatly reduce their number. We have invited young people from 52 primary schools in 26 communes surrounding the Forest to participate in the project. We will create a network of the Noteć Forest Guardians, in which we will mobilise 520 school students to take joint action to protect the Forest. We will work out rules and attitudes of wise movement in the forest, we will create the Code of Noteć Forest Protection, we will organize the Debate and Symposium of the Noteć Forest Guardians. In these activities we will be supported by an experienced partner, the “Pszczew Forge of Civic Activity, which will run a coordination and support point for groups from 12 communes lying along the southern part of the Forest. We address our activities to young people, because we believe that in near future the fate of our Forest will depend on them. We know that with one project we are not able to stop the Noteć Forest fires, but by building a wise forest policy and engaging young people we are able to develop wise attitudes, which will surely reduce the Forest fire statistics in the future.