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Mrągowo explores the art of dialogue

Project Promoter: Fundacja Alternatywnej Edukacji "ALE"
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 93 112,91 EUR
Partners: Fundacja Złap Rozwój
Duration time: 01.10.2021-30.09.2023

As part of the project, we would like to engage the City of Mrągowo residents in discussions about their needs and ideas for the city. Mrągowo is a town with a population of approx. 22 000 inhabitants, situated in the central part of the Masuria Region. It has unique pre-war architecture of a Prussian resort as well as valuable landscape and natural assets. The above-mentioned factors are taken into account in the current development strategy of the city, but are neglected in the spatial policy, which is a source of conflict between local government and residents. We believe that the problem of the current model of spatial policy is insufficient inclusion of residents in decision-making processes, which results in a number of negative consequences, including: residents’ withdrawal, insufficient number of people participating in consultations, lack of pro-social attitudes and a weak sense of community. The aim of the project is to create a space for civic dialogue that will serve both the local government and the residents. By building a social dialogue we want to protect and shape the local space, care for the environment and build good social relations. We will use public participation to change the model of local policy on urban land use and environmental protection. In order to achieve this, for two years we will be hosting open meetings and workshops for residents under the slogan “Mrągowo Sz(t)uka Dialogu”. We will conduct 7 series of facilitated meetings, 15 editions of training sessions and workshops on effective communication, conflict management, facilitation of meetings and basics of inclusive journalism. We will carry out two Civic Picnics. 50 volunteers will be trained in order to set up the youth civic media – the first youth media in Poland to implement the idea of inclusive journalism based on transformative dialogue. Mrągowo will be the first city in Poland to apply the transformative dialogue method to community planning initiatives.