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Hospitable Cieszyn

Project Promoter: Stowarzyszenie im. Stanisława Brzozowskiego
Proposal: 2nd thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 101 714,30 EUR
Stowarzyszenie Przestrzeń Otwarcia
Fundacja Strefa WolnoSłowa
Duration time: 01.10.2022-31.12.2023

Cieszyn is a border town in southern Poland inhabited by 32,000 people. Foreigners are often and often coming here in search of a home and a place to work – their numbers increased significantly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Recent months have shown that, in addition to emergency support, the new residents also need places where they can integrate into the local community. Therefore, our project’s goal is to integrate the community of Cieszyn with the newcomers, but also to substantively strengthen the local activists. As part of the project, we have launched the Centre for Integration and Support for Immigrants. We host cultural events there, carry out integration and creativity workshops for children, theatre workshops for children and adults, as well as provide psychological and organisational support, and teach Polish as a foreign language. The project also aims to reach as large and diverse an audience as possible with reliable knowledge on migration and refugeeism. We run workshops and seminars for high school and university students, open debates for local residents and training for teachers. Together with representatives of local NGOs, municipal institutions and immigrant communities, we are also developing a Social Model for the Integration of Immigrants. By working together on this document we integrate local activists and empower them by enabling them to participate in consultations with our project partners and more experienced NGOs. We are supported in the implementation of the project by our partners: the StrefaWolnosłowa Foundation, the Opening Space Association, the local Granica dla Granicy (Border for Border) initiative, that share their experience and carry out some of the project’s activities, such as conducting workshops or supporting the project’s promotion.