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Go Green for Autism: Eco-volunteering

Project Promoter: Fundacja bioAutyzm
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 22 610,94 EUR
Partners: None
Duration time: 31.12.2021-30.06.2023

Families of people with autism often experience social isolation and psychological crises. These are accompanied by a feeling of powerlessness and being an unnecessary burden on the society. In this project, we want to show that persons with autism, their relatives or caregivers can work together for the environment, and thus feel part of the community. Our long-term experience has shown that working with the crisis coaching method, which aims to overcome passivity and helplessness, and to reduce stress, results also in developing pro-social attitudes. Within the project, we use crisis coaching in activities addressed to 24 carers of children and young people with autism, we also conduct workshops for them on communication and volunteering. We organise travel workshops on volunteering and environmental education for older children and teenagers with autism. A group of 48 people prepared in this way – children, young people with autism and their carers – will act as ‘eco-volunteers’ for the local community. In cooperation with non-governmental organisations, the participants will themselves develop a plan of activities concerning, among others, care for homeless animals, cleaning of green areas, or planting plants in public places. Volunteering help strengthen family ties, and the joint activities of those involved in the project show others how to actively spend time together. As part of the project, a social activity point is created where a group of parents already engaged in our activities share their experience, motivate to social activity and respond to the needs of the community.