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Eco-meadows – participation of the residents of the city of Glowno in shaping local greenery management policies

Project Promoter: Ecorower Fundacja
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 30 866,17 EUR
Partners: Forandre Verden (Norway)
Duration time: 31.12.2021-15.10.2022

In this project we want to encourage the residents of the city of Glowno to co-create a friendly green city in cooperation with the managers of public areas. The city’s policy on green areas should be focused on sustainability. It should also take into account biodiversity and restrictions on the use of harmful chemicals. There is a vote by the EU member states at the end of 2022 to extend the permission for glyphosate use for another 5 years. Pesticides (including glyphosate) are harmful to human health, e.g. they have a negative impact on the immune system, which is important especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to initiate a debate on the glyphosate ban in Glowno and to engage residents in civic activities to create policies for a friendly green city. We publish a newspaper ‘Civic Engagement’. We conduct trainings on the principles of good greenery management. We organize meetings with representatives of offices and institutions. We conduct workshops for schools and a competition and picnic for students. Together with primary school students, we create first flower meadows in Glowno. We prepare a video summarizing the project activities. We organize a debate with the participation of residents, officials and experts. We elaborate an appeal to the authorities of Glowno with about 500 signatures. The recipients of the activities are: the officials of the City Hall in Glowno, citizens of Glowno, including people active in the neighbourhood councils, NGOs, children, youth and the media (mainly local and professional). The activities will involve volunteers, 5 partner organisations and one foreign partner: ‘Change the World’ Foundation.