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Climate for Lower Silesia

Project Promoter: Towarzystwo Benderowskie
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 27 212,00 EUR
Partners: Towarzystwo Upiększania Miasta Wrocławia
Duration time: 1.12.2021-30.04.2023

Climate crisis is a key challenge of the present day, and its protection is the task of authorities at all levels. As part of the project, we would like to check whether local governments in the Lower Silesia region are meeting the obligations imposed by European and national environmental strategies, as well as the European Green Deal adopted by the European Union. Two important areas of local policy were chosen for the audit: transport and planning. Transport is a major carbon emitter and both EU and regional strategies emphasise that the future lies in public transport (especially rail) and cycling. And with good planning, for example, trees, meadows and forests can be protected. With this project, we want to reach out to decision makers and activists in particular, and raise awareness of the role of transport in climate issues among the inhabitants of Lower Silesia. An additional aim is to obtain and expand public information about transport and planning. We will undertake interventions in local government offices at all three levels. Intervention topics are selected both on the basis of evaluation by social experts and on the basis of citizens’ submissions. The work will result in a report with recommendations concerning, among others, the independence of transport in the region from oil, which is important in the context of possible fuel crises. We are also organising a debate with local government officials and activists concerning the implementation of the European Green Deal in Lower Silesia. We also conduct training for young activists, which will broaden their knowledge about the possibilities of influencing the reality. The project’s partner is the oldest urban movement in Wrocław: the Society for the Beautification of the City of Wrocław.