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Citizens for trees – trees for the climate

Project Promoter: Fundacja EkoRozwoju
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 101 821,19 EUR
Partners: None
Duration time: 1.11.2021-31.08.2023

The project responds to the need to network and strengthen interventionist activists and engage them in shaping long-term tree protection policies. Trees are a key, non-reproducible piece of green infrastructure that enhances quality of life and supports us in reducing negative impacts of the climate crisis. Currently, trees are massively cut down and destroyed due to investment pressures and laws that take into account neither the actual value of trees nor public participation in the green management process. As part of the project, we set up a Tree Friends Academy and conduct four two-day training sessions in different regions of Poland. We transfer knowledge and skills in the areas of implementation of interventions, campaigns, negotiations, watchdog activities and building partnerships. We develop a joint communication and cooperation strategy. We conduct media events, develop an information toolkit, expand the Friends of Trees map, which inspires, networks and makes it easier for residents to get access to organisations and leaders. Together with Friends of Trees, we plan and conduct events that support their activities and help solve local problems. We develop promotional and educational tools, including infographics, podcasts and a guide to tree protection standards. By expanding the Friends of Trees map (which currently includes over 240 initiatives from all over Poland), we will help residents exchange experiences and reach out to trained activists and NGOs.