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Generator of applications (EGAMS)

We have created a tutorial video on the electronic call for proposals and project management system (EGAMS) within the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme. Feel free to use it!

Presentation plan:

00:00-00:38: Introduction
00:39-03:12: Registration and login
03:13-05:27: Path selection and structure of the application form
05:28-11:41: Tab A. Applicant
11:42-16:22: Tab B. Partners
16:23-27:38: Tab C. Project
27:39-30:41: Tab D. Capacity building
30:42-39:21: Tab E. Budget
39:22-42:00: Tab E. Budget – sample error and additional Partners’ costs table
42:01-44:45: Budget summary

The tutorial was created and presented by Ewelina Kempista – specialist in procedures and calls for proposals within the Programme, works for the Education for Democracy Foundation.

Download here:

Presentation Generator of applications, forms and annexes, discussed during information meetings in regions