Design the Programme’s educational offer with us!

Design the Programme’s educational offer with us!

Take part in an online survey and help us design next educational activities within the Active Citizens – Regional Programme.

We are in the process of elaborating a new educational offer for NGOs: both Project Promoters and other organisations that would like to learn and develop in order to operate more efficiently, use available tools more effectively, as well as network and exchange experiences.

We are doing our best to make this offer most interesting and useful, so we would be happy to co-create it together with you! There are some ideas that we have, but we are also interested to learn how you rate our educational activities so far, and what you actually need just now. 

What topics do you think are missing from the training offers for NGOs? What forms of education do you think are most effective? In which groups, on what issues and with whom would you like to meet? What tools would you need to learn from each other, exchange information and cooperate? Let us know! And we’ll do our best to translate what we learn into a concrete support: a training, a workshop, a meeting, a tutorial and much more.

Please, fill in the questionnaire by 31 October, 2022 (the survey in Polish only):


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