Sign up for Programme updates!

Sign up for Programme updates!

Fill in a short form to receive the most important updates about the Programme, such as the start of the registration for the opening conference or the announcement of the call for proposals

Under the Programme, CSOs, on their own or in partnership with local authorities, libraries, community centres or private companies, can apply for funding of projects aimed at fostering civil society, human rights protection or promoting social diversity.

The Active Citizens Fund – Regional seeks to support all communities – small and big ones. We want to build a contacts database which will allow us to reach all concerned.

This is why we invite you to fill in a form, to have your e-mail address included in the ACF – Regional newsletter. Sign up and receive all the important updates about our activities directly to your inbox. 

The form is available here:

You might also want to invite others to sign up – such as your local partners, other local activists and especially local media – all those who might be interested in Programme updates.


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