Results of administrative and eligibility evaluation under Call 1

Results of administrative and eligibility evaluation under Call 1

The administrative and eligibility check of applications submitted under Call 1 of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional has been concluded.

305 applications for large grants and 352 applications for small grants have met the administrative and eligibility requirements and were sent for further content-related evaluation.

Download the results of the administrative and eligibility check:

Congratulations and best wishes of success at the next stage to all Applicants whose applications were sent for content-related evaluation (the results of which will be published by September 30th, 2021). We also encourage all Applicants whose applications have not met the formal eligibility requirements to participate in future calls for proposals under the Programme.

The assessment forms for all applications not approved for further evaluation will be sent to Applicants via e-mail on June 10th and 11th, 2021. The Applicants are able to appeal the results of administrative and eligibility check (according to the procedure described on page 59 of Part 1 of the Manual for Applicants and Project Promoters): 

  • Within 5 days from sending the information about the application being disqualified from content-related evaluation, the Applicant may appeal the decision by sending a request for appeal via e-mail. The requests sent after this period will not be considered.
  • The request for appeal should include: grant application number, Applicant’s name and justification.
  • The appeals shall be considered by the Operator within 10 working days from being received.
  • The decision to admit or reject the appeal of the results of administrative and eligibility check is made by the Programme Director.


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