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Do you work in the area of public participation? Do you try to involve citizens in decision-making processes at the local level? Will you be interested in a project partnership with a Polish NGO regarding such activities under the Active Citizens Fund? If so, join a networking meeting on April 16th (Friday) at 11.00 CET.

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During the meeting you will:

  • have a chance to meet Polish NGOs working in the area of public participation and engaging citizens in decision-making processes at the local level, talk with them about their ideas for projects, and maybe find somebody to cooperate with,
  • get information about possibilities for international partnerships within the Active Citizens Fund-Regional 1st call for proposals (open until May 17th, 12.00 (CET).

Our guest presenters will be:

  • Kirsten Paaby – Leader of Process PS Paaby which works in the field of education for sustainable social development and process management in Norway, the Nordic countries and Europe. She has a background as an educator and has since the 80s worked with the implementation and development of democratic and participatory methods. In years 2001-2015 she worked in the Idea Bank Foundation, supporting local and national authoritites in developing interdisciplinary collaboration models for working our solutions to social challenges. Since 2018 she has been a member of Phronesis SA – a non-profit consultancy consortium working in the area of sustainable development, life-long learing, and development of local communities.
  • Susan Guerra – Local government official from the Department of Public Health, Culture nd Childcare in the District of Sagene, Oslo. She is responsible for various initiatives engaging residents in the life of the local community. Together with Kirsten Paaby she runs Twin Productions – learning together with heart, hand and mind – an initiative promoting listening and dialogue as learning methods.
  • Maurizio Deliz – Director of Change the World, a non-profit organization founded in Oslo in 1997 by a group of founders originally from Latin America, working together on sustainability issues since 1987. CTW’s multidisciplinary team is now composed of professionals from a diversity of backgrounds and countries, including Chile, Colombia, Norway and USA. The organization creates and supports environmental and social processes to generate sustainable livelihoods, using participatory methods.

The meeting will take 1,5 hours and will be run in English on the Zoom platform.


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