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Support for women who experience sexual harassment

Project Promoter: Polskie Towarzystwo Prawa Antydyskryminacyjnego
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 102 409,07 EUR
Partners: Fundacja Women in Law
Duration time: 02.10.2021-30.09.2023

The aim of the project is to prevent sexual abuse of women and reduce gender based discrimination. We want to raise awareness of what sexual abuse is and how to react to it. As part of the project, we will provide free legal advice to women experiencing sexual abuse or gender discrimination in various aspects of life, e.g. at work, during education, or in case of access to services. We will conduct research to estimate the scale of the problem and find out what types of violations are most often experienced by women. We will organize workshops for members of the legal profession (advocates, legal advisers, legal trainees) and webinars addressed to a wide audience. We will prepare and make available the workshop scenarios. We will create a database of legal information concerning sexual abuse, and conduct a social campaign. While preparing the project, we used the European Parliamentary Research Service data (2020) showing that every second woman in Europe has experienced sexual abuse at least once since the age of 15, as well as data from the Ombudsman’s report (2018), which shows that 31.2% of female students have experienced sexual abuse. The problem also affects employment and has been recognized by international bodies. In 2014 the Committe on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women recommended that Poland should adopt a comprehensive strategy to prevent and eliminate violence against women in public and everyday life. Our partner in the project is the Women in Law Foundation.