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Rybnik – here children are seen AND heard

Project Promoter: Stowarzyszenie Oświatowe "Rodzice-Dzieciom"
Proposal: 2nd thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 28 038,08 EUR
Partners: Rybnik City Hall
Duration time: 01.10.2022-29.12.2023

The problem addressed by this project is young people’s low civic engagement in the city of Rybnik and the lack of a local policy in this area. As part of the project, we initiate actions to activate children and youth and involve young people in the creation of the Rybnik City Strategy for the Young. We conduct classes, during which children aged 7-9 learn about debate as a basic tool of civic culture. They learn how to discuss, argue, express opinions, solve problems and work out compromises. Together with young people, we are working on the Rybnik City Strategy for the Young – a new local policy in the city. We are creating two online networks: one for teachers and one for NGOs working with children and youth. The people involved in the networks will share their knowledge and experience, so that more young people will be able to acquire and develop debating competences. We estimate that, as a result of the project, around 200 individuals (children and young people) will be able to infer, argue and discuss what is important to them. The strategic partner in the project is the city of Rybnik.