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Remember the gardens!

Project Promoter: Fundacja Instytut Re-Integracji Społecznej
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 72 927,79 EUR
CREWS (Norway)
Stowarzyszenie "Społecznie Zaangażowani" (Poland)
Duration time: 01.12.2021-31.08.2023

The aim of the project is to raise the environmental awareness of the inhabitants of the city of Lodz and to strengthen neighbourhood and inter-generational bonds. The project responds to the need to improve residents’ comfort of living, leisure, aesthetics, expand green areas in the urban space and reduce isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to revitalize the urban space and create a community garden as a green place for leisure and meetings. Young people participating in the project will design and carry out animation activities for 30 seniors acting as advisors. The citizens of Lodz will choose the revitalised area by means of a referendum and will engage in social consultations regarding the garden project. As part of the project, we will conduct community garden design workshops, upcycling workshops, ‘Art in the garden’ workshops and workshops for community leaders. We will develop and publish a publication entitled ‘Essentials of a community gardener’. We will hold a dissemination conference. The beneficiries of the project are young people (15-25 years old) who are passionate about social activity and ecology, seniors and inhabitants of Lodz, who will engage in social consultations. The project is implemented in partnership with the ‘Socially Engaged’ Association and the Norwegian organisation CREWS, which will design a community garden in a place selected by the inhabitants, taking into account their suggestions and land use conditions. The garden will be arranged in Scandinavian style.