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On the right track

Project Promoter: Stowarzyszenie Ekologiczno-Artystyczne Ręką Dzieło
Proposal: 1st call for intervention projects
Co-financed from the program: 14 980,96 EUR
Partners: None
Duration time: 01.03.2022-31.10.2022

This is an intervention project, elaborated in response to an investment planned by the local authorities: the renovation of a local road – a beautiful Warmian alley. We received information about the investment in autumn 2021. We are concerned that the renovation will not meet the needs of our community, and that the trees in our avenue will need to be cut down to make it happen. We want to enable the community to have their say on this important issue. Trees and safety do not have to be in conflict and the views of residents should be taken into account. As part of the project we will create a local coalition for the alley, conduct training and consultancy. In cooperation with volunteers we will make an inventory of the tree stand in a selected section. Certified inspectors will assess the condition of the trees and their natural value. Based on the data obtained, with the support of an independent designer and in cooperation with village councils and members of our community, we will design a preliminary concept for a safe road. The project will help to integrate the community and plan the renovation of the road, taking into account the needs of the residents. The tools developed will make it easier to manage the tree stand in the future. We believe that the authorities will hear and take into account our voice, and that the trees will not be cut down. We are on the right track!