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Logic cif ecology

Project Promoter: Polska Fundacja Dzieci i Młodzieży
Co-financed from the program: 113 306,68 EUR
Partners: Newschool AS (Norway)
Duration time: 01.10.2022-31.03.2024

The aim of the project is to engage 600 young people, vocational schools’ students in the Mazovian and Lublin provinces, in shaping local environmental protection programmes. Groups of young people develop solutions to local environmental problems and present them as prototypes, models and concepts, which will be later showcast during public presentations and meetings to summarise the project. The solutions developed by young people will be recommended for use in local environmental protection programmes. The problem addressed by the project is the insufficient knowledge and environmental awareness of young people. They learn about environmental problems and needs primarily through original programmes, competitions, social campaigns or various environmental events. Our experience shows that young people understand the need for pro-environmental actions and behaviours, but lack the ability of their critical evaluation. For example, they are able to come up with alternative methods of charging their phone, but the solutions they create turn out to be much more energy-consuming. Young people often lack the ability to think critically about ecology and a sense of responsibility for the impact that human activity has on the environment. This is why we are also conducting educational activities as part of the project in the form of a series of workshops on environmental awareness, climate responsibility and democratic tools for public participation. The project involves building teams that are ready for the challenges of the future. We use an interdisciplinary approach, involve different audiences (young people, educators, local governments, NGOs) and focus on finding solutions in a creative way.