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Eco yard – Łódź citizens take care of climate

Project Promoter: Fundacja Lux Pro Monumentis
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 25 286,00 EUR
Partners: None
Duration time: 31.12.2021-30.11.2022

In this project, we wish to mobilise the inhabitants of the city of Lodz to protect the environment by improving the appearance of their immediate surroundings. People would like to live in a nice, green city and have a friendly space around them. Currently, the city’s ecosystems do not work efficiently and the ecological awareness of the inhabitants is too low. There are too few green areas in the city, and pollution and inadequate ventilation of urban space cause smog. Backyards in Lodz are special places that create the unique character of the city. According to the article ‘In Search of the City’s Essence – Through Lodz’s Backyards on Piotrkowska Street’ (2010), 40% of Lodz’s inhabitants surveyed enjoyed visiting backyards. 31% said that there was something magical about the backyards in Lodz. Unfortunately, 20% wouldn’t like to show their backyards to their friends outside of Łodz because they are neglected and do not give a sense of security. As part of the project, we will conduct a series of workshops combined with research walks and field work. We will teach residents to take care of their backyards, squares and urban wastelands. Thanks to this project the condition of urban ecosystems will improve, biodiversity will increase and the residents’ ecological awareness will be higher. The project will contribute to improving the image of the city.