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Project Promoter: Fundacja Raduga
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 114 819,51 EUR
Bjarkarhlíð miðstöð fyrir þolendur ofbeldis (Iceland)
Pacyfika Sp. z o.o. (Poland)
Duration time: 01.12.2021-30.09.2023

The project addresses the problem of an ineffective system of support for families affected by domestic violence. The research we conducted in 2021 revealed that people experiencing violence do not receive adequate help, even when they call for it. Shame, fear and lack of self-confidence prevent them from deciding to change. Employees of social institutions dealing with domestic violence also feel powerless. They experience professional burnout, become indifferent to the problem and treat victims of violence with disrespect. Institutions and organisations do not cooperate with each other and their employees’ competences are too low. Social workers do not receive psychological support. Therefore, our project is addressed to families experiencing violence, employees of social institutions and witnesses of violence. We will carry out a social campaign, create a social cluster, organize workshops for the employees of social institutions and two conferences. We will develop a case management and implement a support offer in two institutions. We will exchange experiences and good practices with a partner from Iceland – a centre for victims of violence Bjarkarhlíð.