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Watchdog activities

On 22 April 2021, we held a webinar on watchdog activities. The recording is now available to watch.

“Watchdog activities” is one of 6 special focus areas of the Programme. Projects falling within these themes will receive additional points at the stage of the application evaluation.

The presentation was given by Katarzyna Batko-Tołuć – Programme director of the Citizens Network Watchdog Poland. Member of the Council of the Foundation for Poland, which runs a competition for informal watchdog initiatives under the Civic Fund. Involved in the work of the solidarity group of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. Since 2009, member of the Ashoka Association.

The webinar was hosted by Bogna Mrozowska, project coordinator at the Information Society Development Foundation, member of the communication team of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme.

Watch the recording. Duration: 01:04:50.

Recording in Polish with translation into the Polish Sign Language and closed captions.

Plan of presentation:

  • 00:05-04:34: Introduction and survey “Do you have experience in conducting watchdog activities?” (the results of the survey are presented below)
  • 04:35-31:03: Part 1: What are watchdog activities?
  • 31:04-37:30: Part 2: The ethics of watchdog activities
  • 37:31-49:45: Part 3: Examples
  • 49:46-01:04:41: Question and answer session

Results of the survey “Do you have experience in conducting watchdog activities?”:

  • Yes, I already have experience in conducting watchdog activities. – 26%
  • I have no experience and I am just gaining knowledge about watchdog activities. – 67%
  • I have recently started / have started watchdog activities. – 7%

Download here:

PPresentation: Watchdog activities