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Possibilities for bilateral cooperation with civil society organisations under the ACF Programme

On March 22, 2023, we held a webinar on the possibility of obtaining funding for bilateral cooperation (with entities from the Donor States, i.e. Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) in various countries covered by the Active Citizens Fund Programme. The recording is now available to watch.

The Active Citizens Fund Programme operates in 14 European Union countries. In some of them, in addition to the so-called thematic grant competitions, there are also separate mechanisms for co-financing bilateral activities to enable the exchange of experience between entities from a given country and entities from the Donor States of the Programme (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). Their rules differ from country to country, e.g. in terms of the amount of funding, as well as the possibility for entities from Donor States to apply directly for funds. The webinar presented key information on the funding opportunities for bilateral activities available in the seven countries.

Presentations were given by representatives of the ACF Programme Focal Points in Iceland and Norway – Jean-Christophe Delmas from the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and Hajlti Björn from the Icelandic Human Rights Centre, as well as representatives of the 6 ACF Programmes:

  • Yiannis Trimithiotis – representative of the Active Citizens Fund – Cyprus Programme,
  • Katrin Enno – representative the Active Citizens Fund – Estonia Programme,
  • Katerina Goula – representative of the Active Citizens Fund – Greece Programme,
  • Aiva Ķīšeniece – representative of the Active Citizens Fund – Latvia Programme,
  • Anna Fedas – representative of the Active Citizens Fund – National Programme in Poland and Ewa Stokłuska – representative of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme in Poland,
  • José Eleutério – representative of the Programme Active Citizens Fund – Portugal.


As part of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme, until April 30th, 2023, applications can be submitted for the co-financing of bilateral and regional initiatives for the exchange of knowledge and experience between Polish NGOs and entities from the Donor States and the Beneficiary States of the ACF Programme and Ukraine. For more information, please visit the call page.

Watch the recording. Duration: 00:54:54.

English language recording, without Polish or sign language translation and without uploaded closed captions (it is possible to use the automatic English subtitle generation function within the YouTube functionality).


00:00-07:00: Introduction and objectives of bilateral cooperation activities in the ACF Programme
07:01-11:45: ACF – Cyprus
11:46-15:05: ACF – Estonia
15:06-22:38: ACF – Greece
22:39-25:39: ACF – Latvia
25:40-28:01: ACF – Malta
28:02-35:23: ACF – Poland
35:24-38:05: ACF – Portugal
38:06-54:54: Q&A

Download here:

Presentation „Possibilities of bilateral cooperation under EEA Grants”
Comparison of funding mechanisms for bilateral cooperation in different countries under the Active Citizens Fund Programme