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How to create a good eco-project?

On May 12, 2023, we held a webinar introducing the ’20 Hours for Climate and Environment’ hackathon within the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme. The recording is now available to watch.

Recruitment for the hackathon for climate and environment will last until May 25 (apply now!). We will select the most interesting and well-described challenges, and we will inform the selected teams about the results of the recruitment by May 29. More information about the Active Citizens Hackathons.

The presentations were given by:

  • Malgorzata Zmijska – CEO of Mamy Projekt, a collective that has been working on climate education for 10 years. She designs interactive exhibitions, publishes creative guides and creates an educational platform with games, graphics, films and animations for children and young people;
  • Magdalena Krasowska-Igras – member of the communication team of the Active Citizens – Regional Programme, responsible also for capacity building and support for NGOs within the Programme, works for the Information Society Development Foundation.


The webinar was hosted by Bogna Mrozowska – member of the communication team of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme, working for the Information Society Development Foundation,

Watch the recording. Duration: 44:59.


  • 00:00-01:45: Introduction
  • 01:46-09:09: Part 1. The Active Citizens hackathons
  • 10:57-21:52: Part 2. How to turn intuition into a good project?
  • 21:53-26:35: Part 3. How to work taking into account the target group and its needs?
  • 26:36-35:59: Part 4. What language to use to talk about climate change and ecology?
  • 36:00-44:25: Q&A
Download here: