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How to account for a project correctly?

On November 8, 2023, we held a webinar dedicated to project accounting in an NGO. The recording is now available to watch.

The presentation was given by Magdalena Ramos-Smul – in the NGO sector for almost 20 years. She had the opportunity to work on large and small projects financed from national and European funds. At FRSI, she settles projects from the Digital Poland Operational Programme and those financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EEA Funds. She tries to give the financial side of projects a human face. She appreciates: the possibility to share knowledge, learn from the experience of others, and cooperate with people.

The webinar was hosted by Bogna Mrozowska – member of the communication team of the Active Citizens Fund – Regional Programme, working for the Information Society Development Foundation.

Watch the recording. Duration: 01:23:53..

Presentation plan:

  • 00:00-02:57: Introduction
  • 02:58-13:35: Part 1. Eligible and non-eligible costs
  • 13:36-30:18: Part 2. Correct billing of Contractors and persons employed by the organisation
  • 30:19-38:30: Part 3 Archiving project documentation
  • 38:31-39:56: Part 4. Budget and report
  • 01:00:03-01:23:49: Q&A


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