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Project Promoter: Fundacja dla Rozwoju Multitudo
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 31 338,00 EUR
Partners: Remedica Norway As (Norway)
Duration time: 01.12.2021-30.11.2022

In this project we want to increase the awareness of the inhabitants of the City of Lublin about domestic violence and develop children and young people’s empathy towards the needs of people at risk of social exclusion. We test new methods of working with children and youth in the face of the new post-pandemic reality, with regard to returning to school after a period of isolation and the challenges of online education. We conduct workshops on the following topics: behaviour training – support in coping with violence, social competence training, personal development training – being proactive. We develop an Individual Support Plan for each child, which will contain information about their needs, interests, preferences and problems. We also want to develop professional competences of people working with children. As part of the project, in cooperation with the foreign partner, we conduct two webinars. The first one is dedicated to the transfer of best practices in the field of activities undertaken for socially excluded young people. In the second we discuss inclusive education in Norway, including the possibilities for adapting schools to new conditions taking into account the students’ needs. We carry out a social media campaign aimed at activating children and young people and raising awareness of the whole society about domestic violence and the situation of people at risk of social exclusion. The project’s partner is the Remedica Norway As from Norway, responsible for providing experts to co-host the webinars and elaborate a report.