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Waste advice

Project Promoter: Fundacja Instytut Spraw Obywatelskich
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 109 556,11 EUR
Landvernd, landgræðslu - og umhverfisverndarsamtök Íslands (Iceland)
Asociatia ECOTECA (Romania)
Stowarzyszenie Federacja Zielonych Grupa Krakowska (Poland)
Duration time: 01.10.2021-31.05.2023

Waste management is an important issue for the inhabitants of Lodz. Problems with the adoption of the resolution on charges for waste disposal and controversies about its legality affect most residents. In our project, we want to examine whether the decisions of the City Council of Lodz on waste management are consistent with the EU guidelines and the Polish law. We want to develop recommendations and increase knowledge of officials and citizens of Lodz about the correct procedures of waste management. As part of the project, we will monitor the law concerning waste management in Lodz. We will elaborate a report with conclusions and recommendations. We will organize a training for officials on good governance and transparency, and a study visit to Iceland. We will carry out communication activities, including a public debate, press conferences, and sharing materials on waste management. The project is addressed to officials and councilors of the City Council of Lodz, community activists, members of neighbourhood councils, journalists interested in the topic of waste management and residents. The project has a great social potential, because it affects all inhabitants of Lodz, the city with a third largest population in Poland. The positive effects of the watchdog activities can motivate the City Council to take decisive action on rational waste management, make residents aware of the importance of waste management for their health and strengthen environmental organizations as advocates for the common good.The project is implemented in partnership with 3 organizations: Landvern from Iceland, Ecoteca from Romania and the Federation of Greens Cracow Group Association.