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Save Zielawa Valley!

Project Promoter: Fundacja "Zielony Słoń"
Proposal: 1st call for intervention projects
Co-financed from the program: 14 993,00 EUR
Partners: The head of the Żeszczynka village
Duration time: 01.03.2023-31.10.2023

This project is a response to a situation where the local authorities have concealed information about the implementation of an investment that has a negative impact on the environment and the lives of local residents. In October 2022, the head of the Żeszczynka village in the Sosnówka Municipality received a letter to conduct a public consultation on the construction of a poultry farm. The farm is to process 8 million hens per year and will be located in close proximity to farms with certified organic farming. It turned out that the Mayor of Sosnówka Municipality had already been carrying out this procedure since May 2022 without informing the people concerned. After the information was given to the residents, an organised social movement was formed in Sosnówka, which we joined as a party to the administrative proceedings. The community of Żeszczynka opposes the investment. It is conducting an information campaign and applying for assistance. The total annual water demand of the farm was determined in the investor’s environmental report to be 70,884 m3/year. The data in the documentation was given in a selective manner – the report is based on a comparison of the farm’s water consumption with the resources of the territorial water allocation unit, which includes 10 counties. The total annual water consumption for the entire Sosnówka Municipality, documented in the ‘Environmental Protection Programme for the Sosnówka Municipality’ of 2004, was 67,100 m3/year. As part of the project, we are conducting a series of information and training meetings, during which we present the overall picture of the situation and the problems regarding such investments (more investments of a similar nature are planned in the area). We disseminate the message on social media and through printed brochures. Our aim is to raise awareness among residents about the impact of poultry farms on the environment and the lives of local people.