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Local allies for global solidarity

Project Promoter: Polska Akcja Humanitarna
Proposal: 2nd thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 97 597,61 EUR
Partners: None
Duration time: 01.11.2022-30.04.2024

The problem to which this project responds is the lack of a global perspective in conducting anti-discrimination activities in Poland. Changes in the structure of Polish society are taking place much faster than changes in the mentality and the way of thinking about people coming from outside Poland with a skin colour other than white. 1 in 30 people in the world is a migrant and this is an increasing trend. Therefore, in this project we include global aspects in our anti-discrimination work. We emphasise that racism is not only about acts of aggression, but also about the global economic system.

Among others, we address the project to teachers and activists, as we have been working with these groups for many years. Our target audience is also young people and librarians from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province. As part of the project, we run several educational series, including training courses, webinars, mailing courses, World Cafe meetings and mentoring for female teachers. We create materials for online self-education: podcasts, videos, articles, mailing courses and a poster publication for self-reflection. We give a voice to minority groups, including people with migrant experience, people from the Roma community and the African minority in Poland. These activities are both a continuation of our previous educational activities and an extension of them by including new target groups and using new working methods and tools.