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Inclusion – The Elderly Live Among Us

Project Promoter: Fundacja Aktywności Obywatelskiej
Proposal: 1st thematic call
Co-financed from the program: 87 755,48 EUR
Partners: Stowarzyszenie Samopomocy Terytorialnej
Duration time: 31.12.2021-31.01.2023

The project addresses the problem of social exclusion and psychological, economic and physical violence against the elderly. While preparing the project, we used the report Programme for Support and Social Integration of Seniors in the City of Lublin in 2021-2025 and evaluation data of two projects: “Seniors have the POWER!” and “Strength in seniors”. The data show that many challenges faced by the elderly result from their disability or limited abilities, e.g. speech, hearing, sight impairments or mobility problems. In addition, older people may experience various forms of violence, also from members of their families. Other difficulties seniors face include psychosocial barriers such as disheartenment, lack of motivation, low confidence, timidity, feeling misunderstood, isolation in the family, or self-isolation. The data also indicate that older people have more difficult access to culture, are less active in social life, and have communication or perception difficulties. In our project we want to reduce the exclusion of people 60+, including those at risk of family violence, living in Lublin, and integrate them into the local community. We will conduct workshops for older people and for seniors who are local leaders, preparing them to help older people at risk of social exclusion. We will implement a personalized path of assistance for seniors provided by leaders, and carry out activities aimed at integrating elderly people in the local community. We will provide psychological counseling for seniors, in particular for those experiencing violence. Our partner is the Territorial Self-Help Association in Lublin, responsible for psychological counseling and assistance in promotion and implementation of initiatives.